UAF A&P aims to co-create stronger narratives of change for the larger human rights defenders and funders ecosystem that will strengthen visibility and support to communities of activists. Our pilot foray into Shifting Narratives aims to disrupt the hegemony of traditional arts spaces to amplify new, fresh and diverse voices from the region, and supporting artists to connect more and build relationships with activists, defenders and other diverse audiences.

UAF A&P and Closer Than You Think co-created a thoughtful inspiring space for artists from across Asia and the Pacific to co-ideate and reimagine key concepts based on their feminist, gendered, cultural lived experiences and understandings of key themes relevant to feminist movements of these regions. This experiment began with an open call to artists allied with or part of feminist and intersectional movements to apply to be part of the two-day workshop. Following this artists were encouraged to submit their proposals on how they reimagined resilience and resistance from their contexts and lived realities, which has culminated in the virtual exhibition of narratives, Realms of Kintsugi.